We have developed a Voice Perfection for Voice Actors program taught on our 100% online platform. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of recognition from Universidad Fray Luca Paccioli in Mexico and
We have shared everything you must know about this certificate course below:
1. It is taught 100% online. This means that you can do it from your house or wherever you are in the world.
2. 5-week duration. The program lasts 5 weeks. The first week you will learn to use the platform, and the next 4 weeks are for voice perfection practice.
3. How it works. Each week you will receive a set of activities which you will have to turn in by the end of the week. During this time, the tutor (Gabriel Muñoz,, will log on to the platform, leave comments, make corrections, etc., and he will give you a grade. The way the class works on the platform is asynchronously (NOT in real time), which means that you upload the required task to the platform and within a period of 24 to 48 hours you will get feedback from the tutor. Classmates can also and should comment on each other's work.

4. Certificate of Recognition. At the end of the training, you will receive a academically accepted certificate of recognition from Universidad Fray Luca Paccioli in Mexico and ALQUIMIA.
5. Cost: $3,000 pesos (one-time payment).
6. Requirements. Prior voice-over experience, access to and working knowledge of an audio program that will allow you to do homework assignments, as well as a microphone, since you will receive everything in mp3 format.
Ask when our next course starts. We are happy to answer any questions.
It will be a pleasure to see you in class.

Course on Effective Techniques for Public Speaking and Personal Branding.

This course was developed for SENIOR MANAGEMENT. It is directed toward businesspeople, company presidents, managers, coordinators, CEOs, etc.
As its name says, in this training we teach Effective Techniques for Public Speaking. In this course, the student will develop a methodology of action that will always provide the security they need in front of an audience.
The second part of this course is based on how to build a personal brand step by step. Upon completing the course, the participant will know the enormous importance that the development of a Personal Brand has and how to build their own, step by step, as well as becoming aware of all of the benefits that it offers.

This training is given at the interested company's facilities.
It is 8 hours of work in total.
It is personally taught by Gabriel Muñoz, Voice Talent.
It includes a copy of the book: "You. The Most Important Brand."
To receive a personalized quote, leave us a message on the contact form on this page.