Interactive Voice Response is commonly known in Latin America as an "answering machine." Nowadays, this tool is used not only to receive customers' messages at an office, but it has also become a very important part within the customer service strategy.

An IVR is your brand's first contact with a buyer. It is of utmost importance for that first contact to leave a very good impression. That is why we offer you our bank of professional voice actors to strengthen this part of your media strategy. Just send us your script, and we do the voice recording with the specifications you have provided. Once you have the recording in your hands, your team will be able to input these audio files into your phone system. Working with us is a performance guarantee in IVR message production.

The IVR system was designed to receive calls or to interact with someone via voice recordings. A person can use their phone's keypad to answer the system's questions, or on some occasions, where the system is already equipped with voice recognition, they can interact using a "yes" or "no" and thus meet their needs. It is important to highlight that there are IVR systems with enormous capacity to manage a large number of calls, both incoming and outgoing.

Companies that use IVR systems normally work in the fields of cell phones, banks, retail, insurance, government services, and travel agencies, among many other services.

Companies usually rely on IVR systems to send an incoming call to one department or another without human input in the process. The benefits of this for your company are twofold: 1. Customer wait time is considerably reduced; and 2. It is not necessary to have personnel operate the system; therefore, operational costs as well as everything entailed when hiring personnel for this department are minimized.

It is of utmost importance that the company director or human resources manager take special care that the recordings customers hear on the IVR system are pleasant; nobody likes listening to a cold, unfeeling voice. That is why an essential part of a customer service strategy includes the services of a professional voice actor who understands the company's needs.