At we have the necessary infrastructure and a wide range of experience executing dubbing projects for movies, TV series, videogames and short films of any language into Spanish.

It is important now more than ever to have the dubbing services of an expert company on the subject since the public has become more demanding and expects excellent work.
We think it is important to talk about the creative process of dubbing: dubbing is the method of recording and substituting voices in cinematographic, audiovisual or television material, changing actors' dialogues from the original language to another language in order to internationalize it.
Not only must voices be re-recorded, but on many occasions there are also modifications made to music, background sounds and other sound effects within the material. Feature-length films, short films, cartoons, animated sketches, Japanese series (manga) and videogames are dubbed so that they can reach a local public.

In Mexico's case, dubbing didn't begin until after World War II when the United States invested large amounts of money in Mexican cinema, which is known as the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was the first company to send a cast of dubbing actors from New York to Mexico City to dub their movies. Along with them, they also sent the first chapters of the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon, aiming to distribute this material dubbed in Spanish throughout all of Latin America. The majority of the actors from the cast came from the XEW, an iconic radio station in Mexico City.

In the past, reel-to-reel recorders were used to record audio, among many other obsolete techniques that are now history.

Nowadays, dubbing platforms have changed radically. At, we have a modern room equipped for dubbing any material, as well as a re-recording room. Many of our actors have established careers in the field and have participated in hundreds of projects of this kind.

Take a closer look at us. We are sure that together we will form a work team that will turn each project into true pieces of art.