Commercial Broadcasting/Voice-over has a select bank of professional voice-over talents, both masculine (male voice talents) and feminine voices (female voice talents).
Our specialty is the production of professional audio content in Spanish with a neutral accent; however, we also produce audio content in English, Portuguese, Italian and French.
Our company is aware of the demands that the publicity, marketing and online education markets face nowadays, which is why we respond to those needs with efficient human capital who have become true artists in spoken voice interpretation techniques. Many of our voice interpreters have long careers in radio as live show hosts or spot producers and publicity campaign designers. Others have established acting careers in Mexican dubbing on their résumé; it is important to highlight that Mexico is the spearhead in this theme globally. Many of the members of our voice bank are active protagonists in this success story. We also have theater and television actors who, along with their artistic career, collaborate with us shoulder to shoulder so our clients can receive the desired result for each one of their projects.

We are aware of how important it is for every brand to take the time to choose a voice that reflects the values of its identity; this voice must reflect the company's personality and that of all who have a role in it. That is why it is of utmost importance that the idea person, brand director, producer or artistic director set aside time in their schedule to attentively listen to each demo to find the voice that denotes the status they are looking for. We recommend being very careful and meticulous with this subject. Remember that the voice you choose will be an auditory tattoo that your brand will leave on the memory of your clients and consumers.

Children's Voices & Commercial Voice-over

Since we know how difficult it is to find professional talent in this segment of voices, we have worked hard at to professionally and personally train our crew of children's voices. We have a team of professionals dedicated to training and directing child talent in our clients' recording sessions. We do all of this so that you may receive exceptional audio content that makes an impact and allows you to reach the objectives outlined in your branding strategy.