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We invite you to discover our store and all the titles and courses that we have created regarding voice. Also, learn about the Home Studio Móvil, a portable audio booth designed for commercial voice talents.
Over the years on the path of voice and personal brand specialization, we have published 3 titles on these topics. We have shared a description of each one below

This manual is about voice use and perfection. Available to everyone in e-book (pdf) format. Cost: $20 USD

This method was designed for learning voice-over and was conceived in such a manner that a 12-year-old child, with the help of his or her parents, can understand it. Consequently, a youth or adult can also benefit from it. This voice manual will help you improve the way you express yourself, as well as acquire a voice talent technique from the first page. The clear, precise exercises will help you cultivate this ability page by page, just like a sport where you develop dexterity as you move forward. PUBLIC SPEAKING: BROADCASTING COURSE FOR CHILDREN AGES 12 TO 99, will help change you from a voice-use spectator to a voice actor. Practice while you learn. This book is accompanied by online videos where the author directly shows some of the exercises from this work and explains them. This makes the experience more enjoyable for anyone who begins this adventure.

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YOU: The Most Important Brand.
Manual on how to build a Personal Brand. Available to everyone in e-book (pdf) format. Cost: $20 USD.
What kind of person are you? The kind who was born to be an employee their whole life or the kind who came into this world to make each one of their dreams reality? But…how can you do it?

We live in a world where PERSONAL BRANDING is gathering more and more strength. Knowing how to correctly design a brand can return the power to the individual as an independent entity, freeing him or her from the life of an employee.
In GABRIEL MUÑOZ'S second book you will find an easy way to build your personal brand step by step, relying on publicity and marketing techniques from large companies, connecting these with the technological resources that are within everyone's reach but that few know how to best take advantage of. This text is a mandatory reading for high school youth, university students or anyone interested in attaining FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE; the goal of this manual is to help the reader stimulate the idea that EMPLOYEE LIFE ISN'T EVERYTHING; on the contrary, you can build your own path where you are the Executive Director or CEO of your own brand and your own life.

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How to give a speech…without making a fool of yourself.
Manual on how to build a Personal Brand. Available to everyone in e-book (pdf) format. Cost: $9 USD
This is the author's third work and the second book on this subject. Among the pages of this new book, you will find a manual chock-full of tips for anyone who wants to give an effective speech. This manual is essential for anyone whose job is to sell their ideas. Upon purchasing this book you will also receive the electronic version for mobile devices as well as video tutorials on some exercises. "This material will change the way you connect with others, immediately boosting your results."

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