We are a company specializing in the production of commercial voice talent, voice-over, dubbing, narrations for internal communications videos, e-learning, IVR systems (automated phone systems), videogames, ringtones, etc. We produce content in different languages, adhering to the highest quality standards.
We distribute sound recordings worldwide. For more than 10 years, we have provided voice talent for production companies, independent producers, radio stations, TV stations, online platforms and companies in different fields in dozens of cities around the globe- all of this and more from our online platform.
Our director and founder Gabriel Dubois, Voice Talent, personally attends each negotiation. He has a wide range of experience in the world of commercial voice acting, dubbing, media marketing, and effective techniques for public speaking.
Below is a brief summary:

Gabriel Dubois Voice Talent

Mexican Voice Talent and Dubbing Actor with 19 years of experience in broadcasting media.
He started his career in radio as a live program broadcaster and later entered other areas such as commercial broadcasting, production, screenplay writing, commercialization and marketing. He did his undergraduate degree in Journalism with an honorable mention at the Universidad del Valle de Cuernavaca. Later, he studied Dubbing and Commercial Broadcasting at TENA (Talento Escénico Natural y Artístico) - now the Universidad de La Voz - a school founded by teacher and actress Tena Curiel (RIP) in Mexico City. In the dubbing world, he has lent his voice to various projects for documentaries, television series and cartoons. Among his most-highlighted works regarding full-length films are the movies:

  • THE KING'S SPEECH - Guy Pierce (Antagonist)
  • CHILDREN OF THE CORN: Genesis - Billy Drago (Leading Actor)
  • PRIVATE LIVES - Paul Giamatti (Antagonist)
  • MAR ABIERTO 4 – (Protagónico)
  • OPEN WATER 4 - (Leading Actor)
  • THE LINCOLN LAWYER - Josh Lucas (Supporting Actor)

Gabriel Dubois is a light Lyric Tenor, currently learning the Bel canto technique under the tutelage of Tenor and Maestro Omar Ramírez. In this vocal discipline, he has participated as a singer in the Coro de Cámara de Estado de Morelos, and in the Coro La Cofradía del Cantus Hominus of the famed Tenor Leonardo Villeda; it is worth highlighting his participation in some recitals as a soloist.

Along with his career in commercial broadcasting recording for various brands in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, as well as in singing, in 2014, he organized the WORLD VOICE DAY celebrations in the state of Morelos, Mexico, carrying out a series of expert conferences with theater actors, commercial broadcasters, dubbing actors and opera singers; in 2015, he will repeat this achievement, now under the name "VOICE CONGRESS. The Gathering of Voice Experts"; it must be mentioned that all the conferences were FREE and directed to the general public, with the hopes that everyone could get a firsthand look and discover the potential of their voice instrument. Gabolocutor is the author of 2 books; this has helped him develop an effective teaching method which he uses at conferences and workshops about COMMERCIAL BROADCASTING AND LIVE PROGRAM HOSTING, as well as EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUES FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING throughout the width and breadth of Mexico. Highlighted among his clients are GRUPO ACIR MORELOS, Universidad de Guadalajara en Puerto Vallarta, UDLA, Sureste Media, Universidad La Salle, Tecnológico de Monterrey, UPEMOR, Industrias John Deere, and CECyTE (Coordinación Nacional), among many others. For these reasons and many more, developing projects with Gabolocutor is a guarantee of commitment, dedication and quality.